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February 18, 2016

At the beginning of November, I had my first taste of production, and it was a disaster. With an extra set of hands, we were only able to get done one-third of what I expected. Not only that, our hands felt like they were on fire and that didn’t go away for a few days for me. However, with that in the past, lessons were learned. At the end of November, I went back and it was NOT a disaster! I did about double the amount I did the first time around, by myself. Big pat on the back.

Remember the peppers from John Bowne? So, what did I do with them? Well, I made Apple Cilantro Lime sauce, duh. After that, I contacted them and the students were more than excited to get their hands on it. Also, we worked out a deal where they sell the sauce in their agricultural store! You can find their store hours on our website.

While it wasn’t technically in November, I waited on sending out this newsletter to include it: the website has been redone and relaunched! We now have a website with pages! These pages have stuff about how it all got started, a blog (soon), and a shop. “A shop??” YES! A shop. Also, if you’re not about that online shopping life, we have a store locator. We’re picking up some traction in Williamsburg, so be on the look out for our sauces in stores. Especially HEATONIST, those guys have a great selection of sauces and carry only socially conscious brands.

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